Let’s Get Sheet Faced!


Sheet masks are all the rage! Everywhere you turn, from Sephora to your local drug store, these foiled pre-packaged masks are what’s hot right now! Generally these masks tend to be gauze soaked in product. The ingredient lists is less then impressive and you’re left with a gob of product just sitting on your skin.

I mean, I like the idea, but i haven’t completely been sold on it-until now!

Recently MaskMoments sent me some of their masks.  Like all the other products i receive I give them a try!  If you follow me on IG then you’ve heard me recently complaining about my skin. Change in weather, or possibly eating a bunch of junk (i’ve been so bad), is causing me to break out. Eek!! It’s the day after Thanksgiving and my skin is dry but also breakouts everywhere. I need to calm all this down so I reach for the Brightening Mask. Brighten me up baby!

So I apply the mask. First thing I notice is it’s cooling and a little tingly. Not painful tingly, like refreshing tingly. Like it’s working. Fast forward 20 minutes and I remove to find my skin looking firm and glowy. What surprised me the most is that I wasn’t left with a ton of product on my face. In fact my skin had soaked it all up! It didn’t feel gooey or greasy (something acne prone skin never wants to feel). For the rest of the day my skin looked great. And the following day too!

I immediately reached out to the company for more info. Here’s what they shared:

  • It’s NOT a PAPER mask: All-natural fermented coconut!
  • NEWEST tech in mask material from Korea: absorbs 10x better than the avg paper mask. You can see it absorbs as the mask thins out
  • Luxury, multi-tasking all-in-one mask chock full of vitamins, peptides, anti-oxidants and botanicals
  • No artificial fragrance and no harsh chemicals, cruelty free and safe for sensitive skin
  • If you remove the mask, you will notice that the essence is not just sitting on your skin like other masks but that it has absorbed! You are left hydrated, plumped and tightened- not sticky or wet!
  • Fits like a second skin and you can move around to do stuff. It doesn’t drip

I went ahead and did one a couple of days later. This time the Calming mask. Equally pleasant experience. It’s official- i’m sold!

If you want to give these masks a try I highly recommend that you do! You can order your first mask for FREE! The other cool thing about this company is they offer a subscription program. Mask once a week, twice a week, or every other day!

Now because I love all you guys so much I was able to get you 10% OFF your first month if you’re interested! CODE: MARIESKINCARE or  CLICK HERE

Happy Masking!!! And be sure to give me your feedback!



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