Gemstone Facial Rollers

I picked up this Rose Quartz beauty while in Sedona over the weekend. Recently gemstone facial rollers have become quite popular and it seems like everyone is on board this latest trend. So what’s the real deal with facial rollers? Do they work? What exactly do they do? How do I use it? And where can I get one?


So first and foremost a gemstone roller’s prime purpose is to roll the skin. In essence giving you a facial massage. Like with the body, there are so many benefits to facial massage:

  • Eliminates toxins
  • Increases circulation to stimulate blood flow
  • Reduces congestion
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Reduces puffiness + inflammation
  • Gives the skin a nice glow

I’m a big believer in the benefits of facial massage which is why I end all of my facial treatments with one. So for this purpose I think these rollers are excellent!

Here’s a diagram I found on Pinterest (thank you to whomever created this) showing you specifics on where and how to use your roller.


You can use your roller either am/pm or both. Generally most like to use it in the morning because of its de-puffing benefits. I personally like to keep mine in my mini beauty fridge. The cooling effect is really nice in the morning and really helps with any puffiness.

So now, what’s the difference between all the gems?

The two most popular gems used for facial rollers are Rose Quartz and Jade (i’ve seen other gem rollers but these are the most common). Different stones are supposed to have different “healing” properties to them. Some buy into this, some don’t. Either way it doesn’t take away from the benefits of rolling the skin. Ive tried both and personally like the rose quartz better. This particular stone stays colder longer than the jade, which I like. But again both will do the job.

Where to buy these?




There are many online vendors that sell these rollers, some being higher quality than others. These are the few that seemed to be reasonably priced and good quality:

If you’re ever in Sedona I bought my Rose Quartz roller at Sedona Crystal Vortex in downtown Sedona.

And of course we can’t forget to clean our rollers! If you’re acne prone I suggest you clean after each use. Just gently clean with mild soap and water and then pat dry.

If you’re not currently using a roller i’d suggest you give it a try! I don’t personally think they are essential to your skin care regimen but I do think they add a nice little boost!




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